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Hail Damage

Rapid City and Black Hills Hail Storms can cause a lot of hail damage to your vehicle . If you get caught in a hail storm, don't stress about it, just know that Total PDR is available to get your car back into shape in no time. We are well-known for our professional hail damage repair, with a keen eye for perfection that goes beyond what many body shops are willing to do. Total PDR performs auto paint touch ups so there are no imperfections in the sheen of your machine. 

Hail storms can cause damage to your vehicle within seconds if exposed to this extreme weather phenomenon. Hail storms produce ice spheres that can cause extensive denting, especially on the hood, roof, and trunk of your vehicle. In some cases, hail can break windshields, as it pounds your vehicle relentlessly.

Fortunately, Total PDR can help you with these dents and broken windshields, should your vehicle sustain such damage from a severe hail storm. Our highly trained automotive repair specialists can restore your vehicle to pre-hail condition at any of our auto body and glass repair service center locations.

Removing every last dent

The best part is that getting an estimate for hail damage repair is relatively quick. A typical estimate takes about 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the number of and sizes of the dents in your car. After insurance approval, Total PDR goes to work, removing any panels that separate them from the backsides of the dents so they can start massaging out the dents and get you (and your car) back on the road and looking good as ever. 


Hail damage repair doesn't take too long either. A typical job takes between a day and three days, but Total PDR sets your mind at ease with seamless, professional work, permanent results, and competitive pricing. So if you live in the Rapid City area, and you have some dents to remove, Total PDR is economical, professional, and they also have loaner cars for you for the wait. 

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