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When Do you Need Paintless Dent Removal? Good Question! 

It's easy to get caught up in life, trying to get to work, fighting traffic, getting kids to school and all of their activities. Accidents are bound to happen, no matter who you are. Maybe you're navigating your day-to-day highway routine when someone crosses into your lane and leaves a whopper of a dent in your prized automobile.  

Shucks, right? 

Or, even worse, maybe you've parked your car near a golf course. Maybe you're the one golfing. There's nothing wrong with trying to catch some me-time after a busy week at work. But then the newbie hits one off the course and smacks into your car, leaving your car dented and you feeling frustrated. On your day off too! 

Or how about the dreaded parking lots?  Nothing like a good door ding to end finish out your shopping trip, right?

Car Dent

Not all bumps and dings require a dent to the pocketbook. Leave your hail damage, door dings and other small mishaps to the paintless-dent-repair professionals at Total PDR. And because we don't disturb and of the original paint, the process is quicker, less costly, and what some might call a modern engineering marvel.


A new way to fix your dents

Well, that's why Total PDR came to be. Total PDR is dedicated to excellent auto body repair, and they have perfected their craft so that, with their signature paintless dent repair and quick turnaround times, you can forget the dent was even there! It takes them roughly 45 minutes to get a small ding out, or 2 to 4 hours for something a little more in-depth. Total PDR offers loaner vehicles while you wait for your service to be complete, so there's no worry of missing work or family time. 


What's even better is that paintless dent repair keeps the paint even without worry of shrinkage, cracking, sanding lines or differences in the texture of your paint. 


It's a fairly simple process; Total PDR uses specialized equipment to push the dents out. There's no need for putty, grinding, or additional paint with their simple and risk-free method. Total PDR also offers auto paint touch ups to give you that complete, factory look. And the best part is that paintless dent repair is a good deal more affordable than traditional dent removal methods. And of course, there are other places that offer similar services to Total PDR, but the competitive pricing they offer won't make you have to think twice.